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About Quest

Quest is a free, modular system for creating computer based role-playing games. This is the documentation and background of the Quest project.

Writing free software takes a lot of effort and to get anything done cooperation is necessary. The thing I've found to pose the greatest problem when adding to free software is discovering how to communicate with the already existing software. To overcome this problem the goal of Quest is to be as modular and simple as possible and not to invent new systems where standards already exist so that outsiders will not have to struggle with arbitrary internal standards.

System Requirements

Quest is supposed to become platform independent, so that means you should be able to get all the libraries I use for your computer.


I haven't had the chance to program on a non-POSIX system yet, so there's bound to be a couple of platform specific things in my code, but the modules I use are available all systems that I know of that support Perl.

The modules I use are:
  • Tk
  • XML::Simple

If you use GNU Perl you can get the modules from CPAN

If you use Debian you can get them like this:

apt-get install perl-tk libxml-simple-perl

They're supplied with every new ActivePerl distribution, so if you use ActiveState Perl then you won't have to do anything.

The Source

You can browse through the source files using your web browser, or download them in tgz or zip format here


Not updated to match the new source code!

I'm sorry, but the documentation's still from an ealier phase of development. The code is still changing too much to write good documentation. I'll work on it soon though.

You can get the documentation in HTML format, in TeXmacs format, or in PostScript format.


Here's the latest screenshot of the text client running in a terminal emulator. It looks like there's reverse evolution going on, but that's only superficial. The new Quest can be linked easily to any kind of user interface client you please or even to proof systems to do logical inference on the game situation.

Picture of Quest version 0.3.1 (graphical client)

Picture of Quest version 0.3.1 (text client)

The future will probably be similar to a combination of a multi-player version of the old games Darklands and Heart of China.

Mailing List envelope

There is a mailing list,
You can sign up at the project page

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Back to the Future

You can download old trial and error tarballs and view old screenshots here...

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